Growing New Roots

There is something restless that stirs deep within the belly of the beast known as service work. It is this restlessness that drives growth and change. Transitions are the growing pains to any project, especially those that reflect deeply purposeful work. Like the breaking forth of a seedling from the shell of its case, to its bewildering push through blackness to the sunlit surface of the soil, transitions are as necessary as they are inevitable. In times of transition, it is vital to give gratitude to the little wins, the tiny details that convey those rights of passage, those coming of age lessons. This is where we, the group formerly known as Bare Roots, find ourselves today and it is up to us to bare these roots we have already grown with integrity and commitment, while continuing to foster new roots into a healthy, harvestable future!

Although transitions do mean changes, the deeper values and mission remains the same: we support healthy, sustainable food access through education, outreach, and partnership with a vision to cultivate a community where every individual in the Eagle River Valley has access to local, nourishing, and sustainable food resources. To realize this mission and the vision it carries, we came together to create New Roots CO, a grassroots, non-profit within Eagle County dedicated to localizing the food system to empower a healthier and more resilient community! New Roots CO, Resilience Fueled by Food, is now an autonomous organization and we couldn’t be more excited for the plethora of forthcoming service work, projects, outreach, and community impact events.

We believe that the transition to autonomy will allow for this project to reach its full potential set within the mission and vision.  We wish to thank the Vail Valley Salvation Army for their years of fiscal sponsorship and for maintaining the ideal of doing the most good for the communities they serve.  In acting out their own purposeful mission of service, they have successfully fostered the work of these passionate citizens who care deeply enough to continue growing new roots of social food justice, local resilience, and health.

We are excited to share more details with our community in the coming weeks. Get updates on our Facebook and Instagram! And please consider joining us on our mission to create a more resilient community fueled by healthy, local, sustainable, and accessible food! Get involved by sending us an email today…

With much admiration and appreciation,

Nicole Abrams

Founding Board Member & President | New Roots CO

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