A Seed Has Been Planted

The birth of New Roots CO has been a force of transition over the past six months. Our board members and most influential supporters have been reevaluating, re-imaging, and refocusing objectives to best empower our mission to support healthy, local, and sustainable food access through education, outreach, and partnership. It has been exciting and humbling … Continue reading “A Seed Has Been Planted”

Growing New Roots

There is something restless that stirs deep within the belly of the beast known as service work. It is this restlessness that drives growth and change. Transitions are the growing pains to any project, especially those that reflect deeply purposeful work. Like the breaking forth of a seedling from the shell of its case, to … Continue reading “Growing New Roots”

Sustainable Food Summit 2018

Food is medicine and medicine is food. The phrase is as true as it is palpable and it certainly makes more sense than the popular, “you are what you eat.” Food connects us to our deepest cultural roots, forms our heritage with the land, nourishes our microbiome, and fuels our life missions. Food also drives … Continue reading “Sustainable Food Summit 2018”

Project Manager Spotlight

Producing food and providing for your family or community used to be a socially intimate and unifying experience. The necessity of it brought people together in a bond for their mutual well-being and survival. Initially starting with small tribes caring for themselves and slowly evolving to communities tied to the fields around them. During the … Continue reading “Project Manager Spotlight”

Seed Saving

Imagine you’re living 15,000 years ago.  Food is scarce and each day is filled with uncertainty.  Besides a couple of places to hunt or gather wild foods, there is no reliable store of food for you or your family.  Will the surrounding environment be plentiful or desolate in the coming years? Will you have enough … Continue reading “Seed Saving”