Farms and Ranches near Eagle County

Copper Bar Ranch

The family owned and operated Copper Bar Ranch is located in Colorado west of Vail and just down the road from Edwards. It is a small operation with a focus on sustainable ranching, natural horticulture, and a reliance on tried and true homesteading traditions.

Crystal River Meats

CRM started marketing beef in 1999. At that time, the Jacober family was in the construction business in the Roaring Fork Valley and looking for a path back to their agriculture and land stewardship roots. Growing up on a cattle and sheep farm in southern Colorado, the Jacober kids were raised with the utopic values of caring for the land and animals above all else. Those values remain as the driving force behind CRM with the addition of caring for our consumers.

Eagle Springs Organic

We ascribe to the Know Your Farmer: Know Your Food paradigm.  As a local farm we invite you to get to know us, being a positive force in the community is our premier goal.

Milagro Ranch Beef

In the oldest tradition of the west Sarah and Felix Tornare raise totally natural grass-fed beef. Buying beef from Milagro Ranch reduces the the Valley’s carbon footprint by lessening the transportation required to bring in the beef and eliminates the need to grow grain; it preserves open space and agricultural lands as well as the ranching culture in the Roaring Fork Valley; and the beef is healthier because it has less saturated fat.

Sustainable Settings Ranch

Established in August 1997 Sustainable Settings is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that inspires people and communities to embrace integrated solutions for sustainable development.

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