To Producers and other food system organizations:

As part of the social distancing measures required to combat COVID-19, the way people, institutions, and governments buy and acquired food has changed. We recognize that this has disrupted markets for some Colorado producers at the same time as it has created some new opportunities. In order to promote information sharing such that buyers get access to Colorado grown and raised products and producers are informed about emerging market opportunities and resources needed for production we created this spreadsheet. Please use this spreadsheet to enter information about:
  • Farm grown and ranch raised product(s) that you have available for sale;
  • Food product(s) that you or your business/institution are looking to purchase;
  • Assets that you have available to store or transport product (e.g., freezers, trucks);
  • Areas where you need technical assistance or other support (e.g., help making products available online);
  • Supplies or services needed for your business;
  • Labor that is needed or available for hire.
In order to ensure this spreadsheet stays up to date, the list moderator (Adrian Card: in new tab))will remove all listings that are over 14 days old. If you have questions, please contact: Marion Kalb

Who are we?

The Mission of New Roots is to support healthy, local, sustainable food access through education, outreach, and partnership.

Our Vision is to cultivate a community where every individual in the Eagle River Valley has access to local, nourishing, and sustainable food resources. We seek to achieve this vision by increasing access to healthy food, increasing awareness and knowledge of nutrition and our programs, and connecting people to other available resources.

Our Projects:

Garden Classes – On Sundays throughout the summer, Mater Gardener Evan Ellis, will be holding free classes for those who want to learn more about growing their own food. Classes will be listed on our events page with all relevant information on time, location, and content of the class. If you cannot make it to a class in person, don’t fret! We will be recording the classes and hosting them online so you can view them anytime.

Podcast/Radio Show: We strive to bring you all the information you could need or want regarding healthy and sustainable sources of food. DJ Adam and cohost Evan (Lanny) host a radio show every other Thursday on Radio Free Minturn. They also produce full-length podcast episodes, just check out the Podcast/Radio tab on the menu at the top of our website or click here to listen through our page!